I am Heidi Pungartnik. The surname is kind of a mouthful, so you can call me Heidi Pun. It totally fits with my terrible sense of humor!

If we met before, I probably either told you I make websites or breed cats to earn a living, none of which is 100% true.

I used to work as a web and graphic designer for about 6 years. Now I make products online and run a few pretty popular websites. It is the best job ever!

Do you think we'd have something to talk about? Reach out — I love meeting cool people.

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I wrote a book on design. If you don't know anything about it but would like to learn, it's the perfect starting point.


How is your name pronounced?

[hi-dee phun-ghart-neek]. Feel free to use "Pun" instead.

Is Heidi your real name?

Believe or not, I actually get asked this quite a lot. And yes. It is my real name.

Can I hire you to design my website?

Currently I don't offer any services other than to selected LGBTIQ organisations.


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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Watch the recording of my 15-minute talk on meditation.

People said

Heidi is one of those great designers that have a unique ability to successfully combine design and business.
Tomas Laurinavicius, Forbes writer
Heidi is truly gifted and knows what she is talking about with regard to generating website traffic.
Jaime Jay, entrepreneur
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Excellent experience with a knowledgable seller and marketer.
Dave Subers, Subers Web Group
Heidi [...] covers each topic with amazing attention to detail in an engaging tone. What impresses me most are the insights she shares based on her own experience [...].
Michael Choke, entrepreneur
Heidi cuts to the chase, gives you useful and current information, and provides specific and step-by-step instructions for validating your ideas.


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